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Why is Your AC Running Constantly?

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Why is Your AC Running Constantly?

We understand that you need your air conditioner to beat the scorching heat this summer, which is a reasonable requirement, but running the AC for a long time increases bills and would be a headache. We will help identify a few reasons your AC is constantly running without giving you the proper, ample cooling requirement.

Major Issues of An Air Conditioner

  • The thermostat is not working properly

The thermostat is an essential part of an AC; it helps understand the temperature and gives signals to the compressor for cooling the room accordingly. If the thermostat works properly, the whole cooling process would be disrupted, thus letting the air conditioner work constantly without cooling your room. Professionals at Comfort Pro cooling can help check with the thermostat and reach out to us directly or by searching for air conditioning repair in Tampa.

  • Air conditioner coils covered in dirt

The air conditioner coils help dissipate the heat and condense or cool down the air; if the same is dirty with substances or particles, the air conditioner might take a long time to cool. It is essential to clean the coils twice or thrice a year for ample and quick cooling. We can help you with cleaning your dirty AC coils in no time.

  • Improper installation of the air conditioner

Simply placing an air conditioner in your home would not be sufficient for efficiently cooling your house. An air conditioner must be installed looking into the proper dimensions of the particular room. It is essential to check the dimensions and other factors before installing an AC.

We at comfort pro cooling can help with your AC installation by looking at all the requisite factors; search for AC installation in Tampa, and we will be at your door for service in no time.

Choose Maintenance or Replacement?

  • The unit requires maintenance

Every AC unit requires an annual maintenance service. After prolonged usage, the efficiency of the air conditioner might have been reduced due to factors such as insufficiency of coolant, compressor issues, air duct leak or poor insulation, etc. Therefore it is necessary to get maintenance services done annually. Worry not; search for air conditioning repair in Tampa, and you will find us in no time.

  • Replacement of the unit

Just as any other machinery, an air conditioner has its period of efficiency or life; it is true that with proper maintenance and servicing, an air conditioner can be of good use for approximately 15 to 20 years, but due to different situations and usage every unit might not survive such a long life. Therefore if your air conditioner is having too many problems, it is always better to replace the unit than to spend too much on service bills.


From finding a good service provider to understanding the problem and repairing it cost-effectively, the whole process of maintenance and other services for your air conditioner can be a tedious task. If you are looking for AC installation in Tampa or air conditioning repair in Tampa, we are here to help you out. Approach Comfort Pro Cooling for good quality services at cost-effective prices.