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Why Is My AC Leaking and How to Fix it

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Why Is My AC Leaking and How to Fix it

A leaking air conditioner can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you notice water pooling under your AC unit, you need to take immediate action to prevent water damage and reduce the chances of expensive repair costs. While it’s perfectly normal for your AC to leak a small amount of water while it’s running, a pool of water is a sign of a significant issue that needs to be resolved immediately.

But first, turn off your AC system and clean up the water to prevent further damage to your unit and home. Keep reading to find the answer to the question, why is my AC leaking and why you should call an HVAC professional.

Why Is My AC Leaking?

Your air conditioner can leak water for many reasons. Here are some common causes of AC leakage:

  • Faulty or clogged condensate drain line: The condensate drain line helps drain collected water from the unit. If the drain gets clogged with sludge, dust, dirt, or debris, the buildup blocks water from flowing out, causing the line to rupture and leak. A faulty drain line that isn’t connected correctly to the AC can also cause water leakage. While you can unclog the line yourself using a wet/dry vacuum on the line, the only way to get the best results is to have a professional inspect and clean the line and ensure it’s securely connected.
  • Overflowing or cracked drain pan: The drain pan catches any condensation from your AC. If your unit is old, chances are the drain pan may be rusted or damaged, allowing water to flow right through. In this case, you have no other option but to replace the pan.
  • Frozen coils: When your air filter is dirty, it blocks air from the evaporator coils causing them to freeze. Low refrigerant levels due to a leak can also cause the evaporator coils to freeze. As the ice melts off the coils, a considerable amount of water collects on the drain pan, which can leak over the sides. It’s important to regularly replace your filters (every 1-3 months) and check your refrigerant levels. Apart from causing water leakage, frozen evaporator coils can damage the compressor, which is quite expensive to replace. Call an HVAC professional to restore the refrigerant levels and replace the filters.

Schedule AC Repair

If your AC is leaking water, it’s crucial to repair it immediately. At Comfort Pro, our HVAC professionals can inspect your unit to determine the cause of the leak and perform the necessary repairs, getting your AC back up and running in no time. Call us today to schedule an AC repair!