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When Should I Clean and Service My Furnace?

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When Should I Clean and Service My Furnace?

Furnaces are one of the most durable HVACs there are. Generally, a furnace will last between 10-15 years of continued use. A furnace’s operation may remain feasible and efficient for over twenty years but not without adequate maintenance and upkeep. Routine maintenance service is an absolute necessity for furnace health and cannot be done without.

How Often Should a Furnace be Serviced?

Any HVAC should be given a thorough cleanup and maintenance service at least once a year, preferably before a period of intended use. Therefore, HVACs designed to offer heating should be serviced in the autumn, and one designed to offer cooling should be serviced in the spring. Some HVACs offer both heating and cooling, and naturally, they should be serviced twice a year.

The frequency of HVAC maintenance service varies with the influence of a couple of factors like hours of use, location, and climate. HVACs operating in a particularly polluted area or a colder region may require more than one maintenance service in a year. Older furnaces with worn-out parts will also need to be serviced more often than a relatively new furnace.

Benefits of a Routine Maintenance Service

To further help you understand, we have put together a list of ways your furnace benefits from a routine maintenance service.

1. Increase in performance

Many aspects such as ductworks, filters, gas supply, thermostats, etc., are inspected and refurbished during a service visit. Any of these aspects can cause a massive decline in your furnace’s performance if they malfunction or have their operation hindered.

2. Increase in inefficiency

A furnace that has been fully serviced finds it easier to perform and deliver the desired heat and comfort. The easier it is for the furnace, the less energy it would consume to operate at the same requirement, therefore, bringing down the energy bills or keeping them from rising over time.

3. Fewer breakdowns

Technicians check every aspect of the furnace that may be susceptible to cracks or malfunctioning over the years of operation. Any sign of inadequacy or failing parts is tended to avoid a severe breakdown in the future immediately.

4. Increases shelf life

With an exemplary maintenance service record, a furnace running for more than its promised years of service should come as no surprise.

5. Keeps safety hazards at bay

A routine maintenance service can completely avoid safety hazards like CO or gas leaks. Pipeline and gas chamber checks are an important part of such services, and technicians ensure that your appliance is free from any possibility of a gas leak and electrical mishap.

How Do I Care for my Furnace Myself?

Besides a professional and expansive maintenance service, you can, of course, adopt certain measures to care for your furnace. Owners can clean the outer regions of their ductworks, vents, and registers. Sometimes a rodent infestation can cause discomfort and disrupt furnace functions. Air filters are also seemingly easy to change or clean and do not require an HVAC technician’s assistance.

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