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What To Do If Your Heating Costs Spike?

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What To Do If Your Heating Costs Spike?

With the onset of winters in the States, we all face a spike in the heating bills. One question that lurks in almost everyone’s mind is, “why is my gas bill so high?”. One obvious reason is, of course, the dipping mercury levels, which put more pressure on the thermostat to keep your house warm. However, if you begin to receive an unusually high electricity bill, there could be some issues which you should take a look into. You could even contact a company for an HVAC tune-up in Tampa.

There are ways to keep your costs down by following some simple steps (without resorting to wearing woolen indoors!). Let us take a look at some of them.

  1. Getting your furnace serviced: The essential thing to do before winters is to get a thorough servicing of your furnace. Months of disuse might cause certain functional problems in it. Getting your furnaces checked will improve their efficiency and give them a longer life. Some companies might offer free HVAC tune-ups and furnace repair in Tampa, but you must watch out for them.
  2. Insulating the windows: When it comes to heat loss, much of it is attributed to the loss by windows. It is important to insulate them properly. One inexpensive way to do it can be by cutting a piece of bubble wrap or thin plastic sheet to fit perfectly inside the window frame, then spraying a thin layer of water on the window and placing the bubble wrap on the glass. This will help keep the heat inside the house instead of letting it out of the window.
  3. Changing air filters: When the air filter is dirty, your furnace has to work harder and use more energy. A dirty air filter can cause an increase in heating costs, and this is often the cause for the most common furnace issues. Make sure you change out the air filter regularly. Your heating system will work more efficiently—and economically.
  4. Using a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat can cut down a considerable position of your heat bills. You can set the thermostat to be lowered when you are not at home. They can also be set to start heating up just before you arrive home. They can also be set to start heating up just before you arrive home. This will prove to be cost-effective and save your pockets.
  5. Weatherstripping around windows and doors: One major reason your electricity bill is higher than expected is the loss of heat through cracks in doors or windows. Check all the doors, windows, and exterior walls for drafts or cracks. Saving heat at home by simply weatherstripping around your windows and doors is an efficient way to reduce electricity and gas bills during the winter.

Educating yourself and paying attention to these simple tricks can reduce your electricity bills. However, if you want to save money on heating bills and require professional help for it, you can get in touch with Comfort Pro Cooling, Tampa. We offer a wide range of services, including HVAC tune-ups, furnace installation, repair, etc. Our experienced and customer-friendly team can help you with all your heating issues. You can visit our website or give us a call on (813) 441-1110 to get started.