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What Is Included In AC Servicing?

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What Is Included In AC Servicing?

Have you ever wondered how AC servicing is done? What makes it so vital every year to get your air conditioner serviced? 

Your cooling system accumulates dirt and dust during operation, which deters it from cooling properly. Whether you have a window air conditioner or split air conditioning system, it is crucial to service your AC to ensure a trouble-free performance. Apart from efficiency and operation, AC service also helps you ensure there are no troubles inside your system and that every part of the air conditioner is working appropriately. 

Missing out on AC services can cause various difficulties inside the cooling system like water leakage, inefficient cooling, unusual noise, etc. These issues can be prevented by regular AC service and upkeep.

Here’s is How An Effective Ac Service Takes Place

  • Cleaning The Grimy Air Filters

An air filter accumulates a staggering amount of debris and dirt during operations. Dusty air filters in the air conditioning system are responsible for the issues like ice formation, improper cooling, etc. During air conditioner service, the technician washes and cleans the air filter. The condenser fins are also washed and cleaned for any molds and dirt build-up during air conditioner service.

  • Evaporator Coil And Condenser Cleaning

Dust and soot are enemies of your air conditioning system as they cause overheating of the system. During air conditioner service, the technician clears the dust particles and debris from the condenser coil and evaporator coil, and other fundamental components of the system. In a split air conditioner, the condenser coils are in the outdoor unit.

  • Drain Cleaning And Leakage Checkup

The technician inspects if water is trickling or pooling anywhere in the unit during AC service. He also evaluates if there is any leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the air conditioning unit. While conducting AC service, the technician cleans the drain and eliminates the dust and debris to prevent the problem of water leakage from the air conditioning system.

  • All-Round Inspection 

The AC technician conducts the analysis of the main components of a unit like a fan motor, compressor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat, etc., during AC service to check for any defect. If any fault is found in the components during the air conditioner service, then the technician recommends a repair or replacement as required.

The best way to get outstanding performance out of your air conditioning unit is to have it serviced periodically. It’s always good to have your air conditioner completely checked at least twice every year, especially before the commencement of summers.

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