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What Happens When You Don’t Change The AC Filter?

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What Happens When You Don’t Change The AC Filter?

There is a lot you have to do to keep your house running comfortably. You have to remember to pay the bills, replace that malfunctioning bulb, or repair a broken faucet, but do you remember to take proper care of your air conditioner?

What Does An AC Filter Do?

The air around us is not clean. It contains many pollutants, pollen grains, dust, and other particles. The job of an AC filter is to catch and remove these particles from the air and make sure that the air circulating in your cooling system remains clean. More importantly, it protects the air conditioner’s components from damage caused by dirt and debris.

Why Do You Need to Change the Filter?

If you do not clean your floor, dust and other particles accumulate. Similarly, your AC filter can become coated with grime and dirt over time, which can severely affect its functioning.

  • Ineffective cooling

If the AC filter is unable to remove contaminants from the air, the particles begin to accumulate onto the fan and the air ducts. This reduces airflow in the ducts by reducing the available area, leading to insufficient air circulation and cooling.

This also impacts the functioning of the components of the AC, which, in turn, affects the cooling capacity of the system. This means that your air conditioner will not be able to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Greater power usage

Clogged ducts and fans make your cooling system work harder. So not only will it not be very effective, but it will also lead to greater power consumption, which will lead to higher bills.

  • Contamination

If the filter doesn’t work properly, moisture will eventually begin to accumulate inside the air conditioner. This provides a great environment for the growth of mold and other contaminants that can cause allergies and illnesses.

  • Damage to the AC

Long-term accumulation of dirt and other particles on the components
on an air conditioner makes the system work harder, which greatly reduces the lifespan of your appliance.
It also causes damage to the components, which can lead to the breakdown of the system and, consequently, expensive repairs and replacements.

When Should You Change Your AC Filter

Out here in Florida, an air conditioner is necessary almost throughout the year. The hassle of AC replacement in Tampa can be avoided by regular maintenance of your cooling system.
We recommend that you replace the filter every few months for the effective functioning of your air conditioning unit and to ensure your comfort.
It is especially recommended that people who suffer from allergies or own pets change the AC filter every month.
If the AC filter has not been changed in a few months, we will ensure that your cooling system is thoroughly checked for any damage.

Whatever Your AC Needs, We Can Help

If you need any help with AC installation in Tampa or with repairing and maintaining your cooling system, we at Comfort Pro can help. Contact us at (813)-441-1110 to schedule a service today!