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What are The Reasons for a Wet Air Filter in Your HVAC System?

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What are The Reasons for a Wet Air Filter in Your HVAC System?

A filter has multiple benefits. It provides filtered air and protects the other components of an HVAC system by blocking the way for dirt and dust. The filter needs different services to work efficiently, including frequent cleaning, replacement, and inspections.

The filter can get too dirty, clogged, or wet. HVAC tune-up in Tampa prevents such problems. If you want to know what you should do to solve a wet filter problem, let Comfort Pro guide you through the process of wet filter solution.

Demerits of a Wet Filter

A Wet Filter becomes a home for:

  • Pet fur
  • Mold
  • Germs
  • Sticky dirt
  • Debris
  • Dust
  • Bacteria

The wet filter is a big issue because of the accumulation of so many toxic particles.

Causes of a Wet Filter

  • Leakage Through Coils

The condenser changes vapor into liquid form to pass unsuitable air outside and provide a suitable airflow. During this condensation process, the liquid falls on the drip pan and later passes through drain lines.

If there is an issue with the drip pan or a drain line, the water can leak and wet the filter. Usually, broken drip pan, coil, or clogged drain lines cause this problem.

  • Inaccurate Installation

Sometimes, incorrect installation can also lead to water leakage. Get your HVAC system installed by a trusted company so that you never face any problems due to the HVAC installation.

  • Uncleaned Drain Lines

The drain lines, if blocked, will not let water pass through. Thus, the stagnant water will cause the issue of a wet filter. Clean the drain lines with the help of a brush from time to time.

  • Hurdles Near the Outdoor Unit

When there are hurdles like branches, shrubs, etc., near the outdoor unit, this will increase the chance of debris building up more. Then blockage in drain lines or condensers will be the after-effect. Keep the area near the outdoor unit clear.

Solutions for a Wet Filter

As soon as you experience the bad odor and poor airflow, it’s time for an air filter inspection. To inspect and solve it, follow the below-given steps:

  • Turn your AC off
  • Remove the wet air filter
  • Clean it with a cloth that is moisture absorbent
  • Check the drip pan. Get it replaced if broken
  • Deep clean the drain lines with the chlorine bleach
  • Replace the filter

Useful Tips to Follow While Replacing the Filter

  • For filter replacement, count on an HVAC contractor in Tampa rather than doing it yourself
  • Choose a high quality and efficient air filter
  • After replacement, make sure to clean it promptly
  • Filter replacement is essential for the better functioning of the system
  • Give a bit of your time to the HVAC system servicing every year

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