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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Your current air conditioning system will serve your home wonderfully until the day it suddenly breaks down. When this occurs, you will have to call out an HVAC technician hoping for a quick fix of a part within your air conditioning system. 

However, when the HVAC technician tells you that the air conditioner needs a major repair, you have an important decision to make: repair or replace your existing air conditioning unit? 

We’re going to assist you in deciding the perfect unit by walking through numerous vital factors that should go into a decision to replace or repair an air conditioning system. By the end, you will have the confidence that comes with understanding your choices, expenses, and troubles associated with them. 

These are Some Factors You Can Consider When Deciding To Repair Or Replace Your Home Air Conditioning Unit:

    1. Age of The Ac Unit

When you have to make the decision to either repair or replace your air conditioning unit, age is a crucial factor. Replacing your AC unit every 10 to 15 years is often recommended by experts. If you have an air conditioning unit older than seven years, it may not be worth the cost to overhaul it unless the repair is a manageable fix, like a damaged fan belt or a blocked condenser unit.

    2. Breakdown Frequency

Do you feel like your air conditioning system is frequently breaking down? Do you repeatedly call in HVAC technicians for air conditioning repair in Tampa for yet another problem with your air conditioning unit? If that’s the case, then ongoing repairs can add up over time — and that means often conducting them on an old AC unit just doesn’t make sense.

Capitalizing in a newer air conditioning unit can not only save you from the headaches of regular visits from an HVAC technician, but it will save your money too.

    3. Use of R-22 Freon

The government is phasing out Freon to save energy across the country. Because of this, Freon prices are skyrocketing. If your air conditioning unit uses Freon, ultimately, you’ll need to replace the AC to make the switch to the current R410A refrigerant. It’s a great time to ponder upon a replacement if your unit is breaking down or has troubles associated with needing more refrigerant.

    4. Repair Expenses

If you can’t understand whether you should repair or replace your current cooling system and it’s over the age of ten or eleven years, purchasing a new air conditioning unit might very well be a better investment. Air conditioning systems will certainly need repairs now and then. Nevertheless, if your AC continuously needs repairs frequently, these can ultimately amount to more than installing a new air conditioner, making investing in a new unit the wiser choice.

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