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Seven Common Furnace Problems

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Seven Common Furnace Problems

A machine or gadget gets at least a glitch or two during its working years, and the same goes for furnace systems. Furnace systems have many small and large components that may trouble the owner from time to time. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the furnace and its parts regularly maintained and serviced.

You should call a company for heating repair in Tampa if there is a major issue with your furnace, but if it is a common issue, you need not worry much about it. Here is a list of seven common issues that furnace owners face occasionally:

1. Thermostat

The thermostat is the soul of the furnace system. It regulates and maintains the temperature of the furnace and the house. If the thermostat has any glitches or issues, the whole system will start malfunctioning. One of the common signs of a malfunctioning thermostat is a continuously working fan. Check the setting of the thermostat and change its batteries occasionally.

2. Filters

Dirt and dust are the culprits of a furnace system. If the filters of the system are dirty, it will directly affect the efficiency of the furnace. There may be some damage to the limit switch as well. Clean your filters or contact an HVAC contractor in Tampa for the same.

3. Pilot Light

The gas in the furnace is ignited by the pilot light, which warms the air. If this pilot light flickers a lot or has a dirty yellow color, there is excessive carbon monoxide gas in the furnace. Since pilot light is an essential part of the furnace system, you should refrain from taking any risk.

4. Heat Exchanger

Fixing heat exchangers can cost you some money as compared to the other problems. A heat exchanger creates a boundary between the warming flame and the air. If you do not follow regular air filter replacement, the heat exchanger may develop cracks in it. Contact heating repair in Tampa as soon as you notice this issue, and you may have to replace it with a new one.

5. Blower Belt

The blower belt helps in running the fan. It may break or fray with the passing time. You can catch this problem through squealing sounds from the furnace when it is running. You can easily replace this belt and enhance the fan’s efficiency.

6. Over-Cycling

Over-cycling may be due to many reasons, like clogged air filters, inefficient airflow, or too high or too low furnace settings. Over-cycling will increase your electricity bills, so it is best to solve this issue as soon as you notice it.

7. Limit Switch

When the furnace blows continuously even when not needed, the limit switch may malfunction. Contact professionals to replace it with a new one to end this problem. If you continue ignoring it, you may end up replacing both the limit switch and the blower.

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