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Jesus N.

Jesus N.

I am in my sixth home, in this house as soon as I move, I started looking for a new air conditioning unit, I called 8 companies, three of them left me their ladders, they also left me their quotes, some of them indeed led me to think if I was installing a BMW in my house, I am not going to say how much Comfort pro quoted for me, but if I can say that they leave them all 300 miles behind.

Now, this is the part that I liked the most,… his technicians or better said the pairĀ of ants that arrived,…I have a two-story house, and the blissful machine is inside the attic, they arrived about noon, by 10 pm from the plumbing completely dense to the sealing of all the pipes that are connected, they ate Cuban food, those ants did not stop for one minute.

They were in my home, walking through my possessions and I never felt that I had to worry, they made me feel safe.

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