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How Often Should You Maintain A Water Heater?

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How Often Should You Maintain A Water Heater?

As with any home appliance, heaters require routine maintenance and inspections. To ensure that heaters remain safe within the home, you must keep them clean both inside and outside. Continue reading this blog to understand how your heater functions and what affects its efficiency.

The Importance of The Heater in Colder Climates

A heater’s quantity of use, stress, and necessity increases during winter. It is important to inspect it regularly throughout the cold winter months, every six to twelve months.

When it snows inches to feet every year, and there are yearly winter storms, heaters become essential. Contact Comfort Pro for an HVAC tune-up in Tampa and surrounding areas, at least once yearly to ensure it is functioning efficiently.

Why is it Important to Do Maintenance Services?

For our comfort and peace of mind, regular water heater repair is always required. If you are not paying close enough attention, you might spend more than you should. You will extend the lifespan of your system by up to 10 years or more with maintenance services. Maintenance makes sure the appliance doesn’t use more energy than it should.

You won’t notice rust in the water or less warm water in the middle of winter if the tune-up is done on schedule. You won’t need to make a separate repair service call if your water heater is maintained by experts twice a year. You’ll save money for yourself if there are fewer repairs needed.

Regions That Experience Mild Temperatures

You should have your heater tested every year if you live somewhere where the winters are mild, with lows never dropping below zero. The yearly maintenance check and tune-up will ensure that your heater is ready for the annual freeze and prepared if anything unexpected happens.

In recent years, few states have experienced unexpected snowfalls. If your heater is brand new and properly installed, you can go up to two years without testing it. Get in touch with Comfort Pro for heating repair service in Tampa and surrounding areas.

Regions That Experience Extreme Temperatures

You might want to have your heater checked every 6-12 months if you live in an area with frigid winters with several feet of snow, severe storms, and severe wind chill.

Depending on your location, you might be able to avoid servicing your heater for two to five years if you don’t get much snow or have mild winters. There is a possibility that you could go as long as five years without having your heater tuned up, depending on what type of equipment you have.


Your home’s HVAC system may have an electric-only heater, which may or may not be used throughout the year. In these places, homes are frequently not built for frequent heater usage, so homeowners can go months or even years without turning on the heater.

Consider Comfort Pro if you are looking for an HVAC tune-up in Tampa. Whenever you have a problem with your HVAC system, our professionals will solve it for you. We provide high-quality service at a very affordable price by highly skilled staff.