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Heater Service in Lakeland, Florida

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Heater Service in Lakeland, Florida

Located east of Tampa, Lakeland, Florida is a booming community known for its numerous lakes, antiques, and historic homes. If you live in the area, you already know about the sweltering hot summers, when you either spend your time on one of the lakes or inside close to an air conditioning vent. Winters are more moderate than the summers; however, there are always a couple of weeks of icy weather with temps dropping down to the freezing point. During this brief period, you looking to your home’s heater to keep you toasty warm. Even though you don’t use it often, there will come a time when you need heater service in Lakeland, Florida.

Most Common Heater Services

At Comfort Pro LLC, our technicians have seen just about everything. With their extensive experience and training, they can look at your heater and quickly identify the source of the problem. After reviewing the quote with you and getting your permission, our technician makes all the necessary repairs. Here’s a look at some of the most common heater services.

  • Pilot light: In a natural gas heater, the pilot light is essential to keep the unit running. Sometimes, it just needs to be lit again while other problems are more extensive.
  • Blower motor: The blower motor pushes warm air from the heater to your home. When it goes out, the heater comes on but no air comes out. Our technicians have replaced quite a few of them.
  • Thermostat: If the thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, your heater will run in a frequent on-and-off cycle without heating the home.
  • Ducts: If your ducts get clogged with dirt and debris, it can slow the flow of air into your home and cause your home to always feel cold. Our technicians can clean out your ducts.

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