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Heater Replacement In Lakeland, FL

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Why You Should Consider Heater Replacement In Lakeland, FL

Heater Replacement In Lakeland, FL

If your home has experienced higher than normal energy costs or your family suffers through the discomfort of a chilly interior, then it may be time to consider replacing your residential heater in Lakeland FL.  Comfort Pro has been the go-to heating contractor for heater replacement in Lakeland FL and surrounding communities for over 17 years, with a reputation for fair dealings and friendly service.

For our current and new customers that are looking for reliable and honest HVAC professionals, Comfort Pro has built a reputation on sales integrity, workmanship, and cost transparency.  No matter what type or brand of heater you have in your home, we offer straightforward repair or replace consultation for all types of heater systems:

  • Baseboard heaters
  • Electric heat pumps
  • Electric furnaces
  • Electric wall heaters
  • Radiant heat systems

Signs You Need a Heater Replacement

Florida is experiencing the same unpredictable weather extremes that the rest of the country is facing.  It takes a robust heating system to endure Florida’s cold snaps and to efficiently moderate indoor climates on average winter days. Many homeowners may struggle over whether to replace a faulty heating system. Here are 6 signs that indicate you may benefit from a heater replacement:

  1. Constantly adjusting your thermostat
  2. Heater cycles on/off too often
  3. Higher than usual heating bills
  4. Unusual noise coming from the heater
  5. Persistent repairs despite good maintenance
  6. The heater that is over 15 years in service

Why Choose Comfort Pro in Lakeland FL

The Comfort Pro promise is a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction for heater replacements. It starts when you first call us with a friendly customer service specialist that can arrange an HVAC consultation. Next, our trained HVAC experts have the knowledge and experience to replace any type, any size, and any make or model of residential heater.

Finally, at Comfort Pro, we stand behind our work and pledge quality workmanship in heater replacement that delivers peak performance, a high interior air quality, and heating comfort throughout the most demanding winter days in Lakeland FL.