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Heater Maintenance in Lakeland, Florida

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Heater Maintenance in Lakeland, Florida

Within easy driving distance of Tampa, Lakeland, Florida sees its fair share of visitors to its lakes. The summers are sweltering hot with high humidity that you can almost see in the air. It’s a time for hanging out at one of the lakes or staying close to an air conditioner. While the winters are generally mild in Florida, there are several weeks of cold weather each year, when you depend on your heater to keep you warm. Of course, you need heater maintenance in Lakeland, Florida each fall to ensure it runs in peak condition.

Reasons for Heater Maintenance

At Comfort Pro LLC, we recommend that you have heater maintenance done every year in the fall. Our technicians will inspect your system, tighten connections, check your pilot, and ensure that your heater is in tip-top shape. Here are a few reasons to have maintenance done on your heater.

Increase the Lifespan

If you take care of your heater and replace worn parts as needed, the system won’t have to work harder to compensate for the needed repairs. This can help your heater last longer between replacements.

Save Money

When your heater is running in peak condition, it won’t need to run harder to get the same results, and this keeps your utility bills down whether the system is gas or electric,

Avoid Emergency Repairs

During your yearly maintenance check, our technician may notice a part that’s worn and needs to be replaced. He might also spot needed repairs. If you take care of these repairs and replacements at the time of the maintenance visit, you won’t find yourself calling for emergency repairs on the coldest day of the winter.

With more than 14 years of experience, Comfort Pro LLC has the experience needed to properly maintain your heater. We also have a maintenance plan for your HVAC system, so you don’t need to call us each spring and fall; we’ll call you. Contact us today to learn more.