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Heater Installation in Lakeland, Florida

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Heater Installation in Lakeland, Florida

Located in the middle part of the state, Lakeland, Florida sees its share of visitors, who want to vacation at the lake instead of the beach. The summers seem to stretch the entire year with the weather in the low 90s and humidity that’s almost as high. The fall and winter months bring a small respite from the heat, and there are a couple of weeks of icy weather each year. During those weeks, you need a heater in your home to stay warm. At some point, you’ll need a heater installation in Lakeland, Florida to replace your current one.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Heater for Installation

At Comfort Pro LLC, we can help you through the process of installing a new heater in your home or business. Our technicians install a couple of heaters a month during the fall and winter, while you’ll probably replace only a couple in your lifetime. Here are some things you need to consider when selecting a new heater for installation.


No, the cheaper the better isn’t the correct response. While you can choose the cheapest heater available, you’ll end up spending more over the lifespan of the unit.


Heaters aren’t one size fits all. You need to take into account the square footage in your home when choosing the correct size. If you purchase a unit that’s too small, your home will never get warm enough and your utility bills will skyrocket, while a unit that’s too big will just cost too much.

New Building Codes

You only replace your heater every 16 to 20 years. During those intervening years, your local government has been busily writing new building codes. Our technicians may have to do a little work on your home, such as gas or electrical lines, to get it up to code before installing your new unit.

Comfort Pro LLC wants to partner with you at each stage of your heater’s lifespan. We believe in building long-term relationships. In some cases, we can even help you finance the costs of a new heating system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.