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Five Most Common Furnace Problems

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Five Most Common Furnace Problems

Few furnace problems irritate a homeowner more than a faulty furnace. Most HVAC owners have had to deal with heating system maintenance issues at some point in their lives. While you should get your furnace serviced as soon as possible if it stops working, there are a few things you can look for to spot issues early on, possibly saving you money on a more expensive furnace repair or replacement.

So, what are the five most typical furnace issues that you could encounter? Allow the experts at heating repair Tampa to explain.

1. Thermostat Isn’t Working

According to heating repair Tampa, one of the most common furnace problems is a damaged thermostat. If your furnace’s fan is continually on, it’s a sure sign that the thermostat isn’t working correctly. As a result, the thermostat battery will deplete, and your furnace will operate inefficiently. Set the fan to auto and check to see whether it runs consistently at all temperatures.

2. Filters That Are Blocked And Filthy

A dirty or clogged filter may reduce the amount of air used by your furnace, reducing its efficiency. It may potentially cause harm to your limit switch. Replace your filters every quarter to ensure optimum performance.

3. Flickering, Weak, Or Distinctly Colored Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light is vital to its proper functioning. If you see it flickering or becoming yellow, it might mean that too much carbon monoxide is generated in your gas furnace. Any changes to your pilot light should prompt you to call your local furnace repair service.

4. The Heat Exchanger Has Cracked

Unfortunately, it is a costly issue. The heat exchanger separates the warming flame from the air, which allows your furnace to operate safely. Unfortunately, if you overheat your house or do not replace the air filter regularly, your furnace’s heat exchanger may fail. Call a furnace maintenance Tampa specialist or heating service Tampa to diagnose the issue if the heat goes off. Typically, this requires the heat exchanger to be replaced.

5. A Worn-Out Or Frayed Blower Belt

Your furnace’s blower belt is a part of the motor that drives its fan. They will, however, fray or break from time to time. You may hear a high-pitched screaming sound when your furnace is running. Replacing the belt will improve the efficiency and performance of your fan.

Furnace maintenance Tampa and repair are essential aspects of your home’s heating system. If you’re having heating problems when the calendar turns to the colder months or otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact your preferred furnace repair technician. Furnaces are sophisticated and vital house components that, when properly maintained, may increase both your home’s comfort and energy bill savings.

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, keep in mind that a properly functioning, energy-efficient home heating system is your first line of defense against the cold. Furnace maintenance Tampa and heating service Tampa may significantly increase your peace of mind and ensure that your house will be a pleasant and safe place to live when you turn up the thermostat. Get more information by visiting our Comfort Pro official website or call us at (813)-441-1110.