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Eight Reasons Your Home’s AC Isn’t Keeping You Cool Enough

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Eight Reasons Your Home’s AC Isn’t Keeping You Cool Enough

AC systems are supposed to run at a full swing pace to keep providing us protection from immense heat from the sun in the summers. So, if you take out the AC system after a long break and find the AC system’s capacity to deliver the services is not quite the same, then you should contact the AC service technician in Tampa.

That is why all the technicians suggest to the customers to schedule maintenance services in the late spring, so you have ample time to deal with the complications if it comes up during the inspection.

Comfort Pro Cooling experts’ responsibility is to help the customers know more about their HVAC system. So, we will explain why your AC system is cooling inefficiently.

1. Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Working Inappropriately!

  • Here is the list of problems that could be the reason why your AC system is incapable bring down the temperature:
  • The dirty AC filters block the air, and the components do not get sufficient air supply to move with the process.
  • Compressor malfunctioning issues can also interfere with the AC system’s functioning.
  • Frozen evaporator coils prevent and decrease the heat transfer rate that causes issues in the inefficient cool air.
  • If your system has been working for twelve years, the inefficiency could be because of the depleting refrigerant levels.
  • The dirt and grime on the condenser coils decrease the capability of the refrigerant to discard the heat in the outer environment, and its cooling capacity decreases.
  • Inspect the electrical connections that connect the different components because there could be a loose wire that disrupts the electrical circuit.
  • Carry out a visual inspection as per our AC service technician in Tampa, and check for holes or leakage in the duct system or AC system from where the air escapes.
  • You might have bought a small-size AC system incapable of delivering optimum services.

2. Tips To Keep The Temperature Down Indoors!

It is essential to know some tips and tricks from the air conditioning experts in Tampa that you can use in distress times to get some relief from the heat while giving reducing the dependency on the air conditioning system:

  • Use fans along with an AC system to cool the room at a quick pace.
  • Insulate the duct system and the refrigeration tubes connecting the indoor and outdoor unit to prevent energy loss.
  • Cover the windows with a dark shade curtain to block the heat and close the door when the AC system operates.
  • Give a break to the AC system and switch it off for a few hours if it has been working for more than two hours.


You do not have to worry about cooling tips if your AC system is appropriately maintained annually. An air conditioning service technician in Tampa’s responsibility is to look after the AC system operations and customers’ comfort needs. But we are incapable of helping you until you make an effort to call and tell us about your problem.

Call (813)441-1110 and explain your comfort issues to the Comfort Pro Cooling technician. We will try our best to solve your query with the best possible solution.