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All About An Overheating Furnace

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All About An Overheating Furnace

A furnace faces various problems during its working years that trouble the owners. Most owners contact their HVAC contractor in Tampa once they detect a malfunctioning problem with their furnace, which is good as it decreases the chances of possible major problems and expensive repair jobs.

However, one such problem that owners overlook as a normal activity is an overheating furnace. Owners feel that their furnaces are overheating, but they ignore it, thinking that it is due to the furnace working continuously. You should not take overheating lightly as it can lead to serious issues in the future. Here is what you should know about overheating:

Why Does a Furnace Overheat?

Here are some reasons for overheating that you need to pay attention to:

  • Clogged air filters and vents force the warm air to remain inside the system, causing it to overheat. Clean your filters regularly and check your vent network to ensure no restriction in the airflow path.
  • The dirt and dust on the inside components of your furnace will warm up due to the warm air in the system, causing overheating. Clean your furnace regularly to remove dirt building or contact your HVAC contractor in Tampa to do it for you instead.
  • Frequent short cycling increases the pressure on the motors of your furnace, which increases the temperature inside the system.
  • If your furnace is approaching old age, it will work for more hours due to lesser efficiency, leading to overheating due to excessive working.

How to know if a Furnace is Overheating?

Of course, you will not touch your furnace to know if it is overheating or not. These easily-detectable signs will help you figure out if your furnace has started overheating:

  • If you notice that your home and rooms give off a burning smell, it may indicate an overheating furnace.
  • When some unknown factor does not allow the blower motor to work at its full capacity even though the power flow is intact, it generates heat and a buzzing sound.
  • Your furnace suddenly went off, and it is not starting again. The only explanation for this scenario is an overheating furnace. The safety measures in your furnace stopped the system from working to prevent excessive wear and tear due to overheating. It will not resume working until the overheating goes away.

How can you fix your Overheated Furnace?

There are two things that furnace owners can do when their furnaces overheat. The first thing is to remove the power supply to the furnace and let it rest to decrease its temperature; it is a temporary measure and will not fix the real problem behind overheating.

The second and advisable thing is to contact your HVAC technician for heating repair service in Tampa. Overheating is a technical issue that will not go away with DIY methods. Only a professional can fix an overheating furnace with the right equipment.

If your furnace incurs overheating and short cycling problems, you can contact Comfort Pro Cooling to help you out. You can call our customer care desk at 813-441-1110 or email us at to know more about heating repair service in Tampa.