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6 Tips To Make Your AC Cool Faster This Summer

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6 Tips To Make Your AC Cool Faster This Summer

Because of the excessive summer heat, air conditioners have changed from a luxury to an essential home appliance. So naturally, customers look for the best units for their homes.
You can choose any air conditioner as per your needs, but it needs care to function efficiently. For tips on air conditioner care, you can contact an air conditioning service in Tampa.

Another method to ensure efficiency is to make changes in your environment that can increase cooling. With this method, you don’t have to put pressure on your unit, which could last longer. Therefore, here are six ways to make your air conditioner cool faster.

      1. Use Of Ceiling Fan

You can use a ceiling fan in tandem with your air conditioner. The benefits of this method are that the unit can be set so that it doesn’t expend too much energy.

In addition, it will increase the thermostat of your device and therefore can help you save money. If you feel your AC’s thermostat is broken, then contact air conditioning repair in Tampa for repair works.

     2. Ensure Your Air Conditioner Unit Is In Good Condition

Cooling can get affected by the poor maintenance of your ac unit. So make sure to take care of your unit. Some tips for air conditioner maintenance include cleaning and changing the coils, cleaning or replacing the filters, etc., do it yourself if you can, or look for an air conditioning service in Tampa.

      3. Get A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will be very useful in areas with high humidity. A humid environment will prompt you to turn on your unit countless times. You can prevent that by using a dehumidifier which will suck the moisture out of the air. The air conditioner unit would work more efficiently in dry air.

    4. Set The Humidifier At The Right Temperature

The right temperature to ensure efficient cooling is 25-degree celsius. So make sure to set the thermostat to the right temperature. The benefits of this method include faster cooling and reducing cost by 6 – 8%.

Anything lower than this standard temperature will force the unit to expend more energy. If there is any problem with your thermostat, check the manual or look for air conditioning repair in Tampa.

     5. Turn Off Lights And Exhaust Fans

Light bulbs can increase the heat inside a room, so turn all extra lights off so that your AC unit can expend less energy. Also, turn off exhaust fans in bathrooms and the kitchen so that the cold air remains inside the room.

     6. Clean And Check

Dirt and dust can cause a decrease in efficiency and airflow. Therefore, clean the unit at least once a fortnight while focusing on the coils and the filters. A clean filter can reduce costs by 15 %.

Even after following these tips, if your AC is still not working as efficiently as it should. Call us at (813)-441-1110 for your next AC service in Tampa.